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The Center for Independent Living Western Wisconsin

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Welcome to the Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin. This is the new addition to our building that was put up two years ago.

When you come in to the left side of the building, you will see we have both men’s and women’s restrooms, along with a water fountain with a bottle fill station for staff.

On the right side, across from the reception area, we have a single user bathroom we well, to accommodate persons with disabilities or those who might need a personal assistant service with them.

So this is the front reception area.

And now, we will go into our adaptive kitchen. As you can see we have a roll-under cook-top, a roll-under sink, a smart microwave that utilizes Alexa, and a side opening oven.

As you can see we also have a roll-up that goes directly into the training room so we can serve food for people having events. We also have vending machines for staff in the kitchen area.

Now we’ll go into our large training room. As you can see, we have a screen that drops down with an overhead projection system. With enough seating capacity for up to 60 people.

This is going into the original building, with a stairwell on the right that goes to the second floor.

On the left we have a patio area that we put in for staff. So, staff like going out for breaks at times and hopefully in the summer we’ll be able to do cookouts at some point.

So as we go into the original building, this is where all of the Independent Living staff offices are located.

Now this is the original sign that sat outside of our office for over 20 years, so we have moved it in hung it up on the wall, as a way to commemorate the original building and the original sign.

This is our resource area with all of our brochures and resources.

This is going into our adaptive technology room. Where we have all of phones and other adaptive equipment. That we use of course for loans and demonstrations.

This is our small conference room area down in the original building, where we have the ability of course to do conferencing.

And now we’re going back into the new addition.

This is our gratitude wall, where we have a place for staff to post things that they’re grateful for. Kind of a way to, help staff feel appreciated, during the time of COVID and the pandemic, while we’re not able to go out and meet with people.

This is the elevator that leads to the second floor.

So this is our second floor reception area with a waiting area that looks out over the old building.

This is where all of our administrative, transportation and personal assistance services staff and finance staff are located.

As you can see, we have a copy area along with space for office supplies.

This hallway goes down and wraps all the way around.

This is the stairwell that leads to the main floor behind the training room. This is also our storm and tornado shelter. It is encased in concrete with a steel cap. As you can see we have this as our area of rescue assistance, along with our emergency communication and if necessary we have an evacuation chair. So we are able to get people with any type of mobility disabilities down the stairs if necessary and have a two way communication.

And as we go back around the hallway, you will see that there are more staff offices. So at this point, a majority of the offices are filled, but we still have a few empty ones to add additional staff in the future.

This goes into our second level conference room, where we have it set up for video conferencing as well.

And then the back hallway leads to our men’s and women’s bathrooms on the second room along with the single-user bathrooms.

So as we go back downstairs I hope you enjoyed our tour of the Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin .

If you get the chance, please stop by in the future when we are past the pandemic.

Thank you!