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The Center for Independent Living Western Wisconsin

Taking your pills is more straightforward than before! The MedaCube prompts you to take your medications, utilizing an alarm/routine system to dispense medications.

The MedaCube allows you to load up to 16 different medications, hold up to a 90-day supply of prescriptions, and is easy to refill. There is a program where you can input your desired medication routine. It allows you to see pictures of pills for each dose and is a lockable unit that ensures no tampering/spillage. It has integrated reminders by text or email if a dose is missed or when the supply is low.

The software allows authorized caregivers to view summaries and reports on the MedaCube portal account, with several reports available through a secure website.

If you would like more information on the MedaCube or receive a demonstration, please feel free to call CILWW, by calling 715-233-1070 or 800-228-3287 and ask to talk to someone who completes Information and Referral for Independent Living and say you saw the article about the MedaCube.

There are various services available through the assistive technology program at CILWW as a part of the WisTech Assistive Technology Program. Our agency can provide information on WisTech’s alternative financing options (WisLoan, Telework, and TEPP) per request.


The MedaCube device.