September Assistive Technology Article

Today’s article will be talking about the Pocketalker Ultra from Williams Sound – which amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding. A person can use it in a variety of ways including one on one conversations, small groups, watching TV, and for conversations in the car. For the best performance, it can be used with a Neckloop or a telecoil-equipped hearing aid. It can work with speaker phones and a telecoupler to make corded phones louder.

Pocketalker Ultra with Headpgones

The image is of the Pocketalker Ultra from Williams Sound.

For more information on the Pocketalker or to learn more about other assistive technology to assist with living independently, please reach out to Jenesis Lindbo, Independent Living Specialist, by calling (800) 228-3287 extension 222 or by emailing

There are various services available through the assistive technology program at C.I.L.W.W. as a part of the WisTech Assistive Technology Program. Our agency can provide information on WisTech’s alternative financing options (WisLoan and Telework) per request.