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The Center for Independent Living Western Wisconsin

The Disability Rights Wisconsin
PAIMI Advisory Council
Invites you to a Virtual Event:

DRW’s Mental Health
Advocacy Assistance:
Information and Input
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
5 – 6 PM

  • Learn about DRW’s mental health advocacy assistance and systemic work for children
    related to schools and youth justice.
  • Share your ideas on the supports you think are most important for children and adults
    with mental health needs to support their recovery and live successfully in the community.
  • Provide your suggested priorities for DRW’s mental health advocacy.
  • The session is open to all. We are especially interested in hearing from people who
    receive mental health services, as well as family members and service providers.

Pre-registration is required. Register at: http://www.drwi.org/pac-event

Accommodation Requests: Captioning will be provided for this Zoom event. To request
other disability related accommodations, email barbara.beckert@drwi.org by April 2nd. We
will do our best to address requests received after that date.

If you are interested but can’t attend, complete our survey:
DRW PAIMI Priorities survey – Disability Rights Wisconsin


  •  Welcome, Teresa Wargo – DRW PAIMI Advisory Council Chair
  • DRW PAIMI Advocacy Assistance and Systemic Work addressing access to
    education and youth justice:
    Phyllis Greenberger, Lead Advocacy Specialist
  • Discussion: share your questions and suggestions, facilitated by the DRW PAIMI
    Advisory Council

About the DRW PAIMI Advisory Council

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) is the Protection and Advocacy organization for
Wisconsinites with disabilities. Our PAIMI program (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals
with Mental Illness) works to protect the human and civil rights of children and adults with
serious mental health conditions. This work is supported by a PAIMI Advisory Council.

The Council helps staff and board of directors of DRW set priorities for the PAIMI program
and advises the board on policies and issues that affect people with mental illness. The
Council also serves as a liaison to the communities its members represent.

DRW PAIMI Advisory Council Members (March 2021)

Teresa Wargo*, Chair Pulaski, WI
Colleen Ball Wauwatosa
Christine (Chrissy) Barnard, Secretary Superior, WI
John Hintz Pewaukee
Mark Flower Milwaukee, WI
Sae Kim Menomonie, WI
Naomi Kowald Cambria, WI
Reggie Leckel Poplar, WI
Veronica Powell Milwaukee, WI
Saphronia Purnell-Carson* Green Bay, WI
Tim Saubers Madison, WI
Tricia Thompson Menomonie

*Serves on the DRW Board of Directors