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The Center for Independent Living Western Wisconsin

During the winter, a lot of people don’t like leaving their home unless they need to. However, why not consider looking at some assistive technology that could help you in your home; specifically, the bedroom and bathroom. There are a few items that are available for demonstration at CILWW that would help in making decisions for assistive technology that would help you in your home. There are items that are used to help pull you up in bed, help with transferring, as well as having a stool that can assist with getting into bed, into a tub, and things of that nature. And sometimes, the handles to flush toilets are too small, making it difficult when you have joint pain. There is an item called the foot pedal toilet flusher that is designed to allow hands free flushing, making life with joint pain and limited mobility a lot easier. Keep in mind that if we do not have an item that we can demonstrate for you, that an Independent Living Specialist is able to help you find something that works best for you. Independent Living Specialists aren’t going to try to sell you something that you don’t need, one of our core values is to keep you safe and independent in your home (or an environment of your choosing) as long as possible.



If you’d like to learn more, please contact Jenesis Lindbo, Independent Living Specialist (CILWW), by calling 715-233-1070/800-228-3287 extension 222 or emailing me at jlindbo@cilww.com.



Bed and Bath Loan Options