As fall and winter approach, and as the days grow shorter, people often feel more “down”. There is a logical reason for that, and that’s because of seasonal affective disorder where people don’t get what they need from the sun. There is a specific light that assist this disorder within our assistive technology program that can be used to increase energy levels, and mimics the specific blue light you see with a clear sunny sky.  Independent Living Specialists at CILWW are happy to allow people to try it for themselves, or help them find an equivalent and direct them to where it can be purchased. Don’t suffer from those fall and winter blues anymore with the energy light!

If you’d like to learn more about some different assistive technology options, please contact Jenesis Lindbo, Independent Living Specialist (CILWW), by calling 715-233-1070/800-228-3287 extension 222 or emailing me at