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The Center for Independent Living is part of a network of Wisconsin Independent Living Centers that are non-residential, private, non-profit, consumer-controlled, community-based organizations providing services and advocacy by and for persons with all types of disabilities. Their goal is to assist individuals with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential within their families and communities.



Our Mission

Our Mission is to advocate for and with persons with a disability to exercise their right to full participation in society.


Links to disability resources and contact information for western & greater Wisconsin areas.

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If you have questions about our services and programs, or need more information for yourself or a family member, please contact us today!

Who Are We?

CILWW is a community-based, non-residential,
private non-profit agency that is staffed and
governed by people with disabilities.

Become a Volunteer

CILWW is currently seeking volunteers for our Fishing Has No Boundaries program, volunteer drivers for our Transportation program, as well as other opportunities.


The latest news from CILWW:

Youth Peer Support Club Online

Youth Peer Support Club  WHO: Teens (16-19) with disabilities   WHAT: Youth Peer Support Club  WHERE: Online – ZOOM – receive an email invite prior to the meeting  WHEN: Every-other Thursday from 5:00-6:30PM; the next meeting is October 22nd   WHY: To connect with...

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A Solution to Weather Blues!

As fall and winter approach, and as the days grow shorter, people often feel more “down”. There is a logical reason for that, and that’s because of seasonal affective disorder where people don’t get what they need from the sun. There is a specific light that assist...

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Giving the Gift of Assistive Technology

The gift of assistive technology means that you give someone something that they can use to make day-to-day life easier. There are several types of assistive technology that staff at Center for Independent Living for Western Wisconsin would happily demonstrate to you...

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Visiting Family from Afar – Holiday Edition

Given our current circumstances, we aren’t able to visit our family members. However, we do have the ability to see and speak to family members utilizing technology. With smart phones, tablets, computers, amongst so many other things, we are happy to give resources as...

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Assistive Technology for Bed, Bath and Beyond!

During the winter, a lot of people don’t like leaving their home unless they need to. However, why not consider looking at some assistive technology that could help you in your home; specifically, the bedroom and bathroom. There are a few items that are available for...

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Making Life a Little More Clear!

As the weather changes, and with daylight savings, it is getting darker earlier. This is where a standard magnifier may not work as well when you’re reading magazines, books, the newspaper, or even looking at catalogs. However, there are a variety of lighted reading...

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CILWW Independent Living Partners

To ensure the quality of the services CILWW provides we rely on our trusted partners.