CILWW staff directory


209 Tim Sheehan Executive Director As Executive Director at CILWW, I oversee all programs and work directly with the Board of Directors in implementing the strategic plan and budget priorities. I also participate in a number of state and national committees addressing funding and services to persons with disabilities. Finally, I have been a longtime advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities and consider this to be my mission in life.
203 Kyle Kleist Assistant Director As Assistant Director at CILWW, I oversee the provision of Independent Living (IL) services and supervise the IL staff. I also participate in a number of state and community committees working on expanding services to persons with disabilities and implementing best practices when providing services. Finally, I enjoy being a voice for IL services to persons with disabilities living in our 10 county service area.
204 Tammy Grage Fiscal & HR Director As a CIL employee my position encompasses the following:  Finance Director, Human Resource Manager, Personal Assistance Manager, Fishing Has no Boundaries Chapter Chair, Fishing Has no Boundaries Board of Director, and overall support for all CIL programs.
405 Denise Larson Transportation Director Responsible for program oversight and funding sustainability for the New Freedom Transportation Program; Voucher and Volunteer Driver Programs and Regional Mobility Management Project.  Responsible for coordination and collaboration for unduplicated transportation systems in the 29 county operating regions. Also responsible for coordination of regional meetings and activities including the yearly Region Driver Training and Appreciation Event. Denise is one of the founding members of the Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. She is responsible for helping the board lead the Wisconsin Mobility Managers ongoing trainings, advocacy, and certification requirements.
204 Desi Hutsell Finance Admin Support I work in finance, help with random things with other programs, and do ADA public assessments.
201 Diane Helland Administrative Assistant Answer multi line phone system, provide assistance to consumer, visitors an staff. Update and print sign in/out logs for front desk. Open/Closing duties for office. Maintain office supply inventory, handling, sorting, and/or distributing incoming and/or outgoing mail and perform data entry when needed. Transportation support: mailing of driver checks, maintain inventory for training manual and brochures.


211 Bobbi Craig Transportation Program Coordinator As the Transportation Program Coordinator, I over see the day to day running of the transportation Program. Along with supervising 6 transportation specialist. I also recruit and train drivers from all 29 counties of our service area. I assist the Transportation director as needed, and collaborate with local agency on issues concerning transportation.
214 Becca Jones Transportation Specialist  (CCCW A-S) As a Transportation Specialist it is my job to schedule rides for our members with our volunteer drivers.  I receive ride requests from our members or their care team and dispatch the rides with an available driver.
218 Brandy Flood Transportation Support Start and maintain files for volunteer drivers in our 29-county Volunteer Driver Program. Assistance in preparting and processing driver logs for reimbursement. Collect and stage data for transportation billing/reconciling receivables. Compiling reports for DOT and other contracts. Assisting Transportation Specialists, Transportation Coordinator, and Mobility Manager as needed.
205 Linda Hollabaugh Transportation Specialist-Barron, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St Croix My name is Linda Hollabaugh. I have been working at Cilww since January of 2014 in Transportation. I dispatch rides for 7 counties in North Central Wisconsin.
216 Lindsay Hoyt Transportation Specialist-Clark, Chippewa, Eau Claire I dispatch phone calls for Eau Claire, Chippewa, Clark and our wheelchair accessible van. Determining if they qualify for our program and if not help them with other options/providers who could. I arrange rides for the elderly and disabled who need rides to and from medical, shopping, nutrition, social and sometimes work & employment.
306 Pat Travaglio (T-W-R) Transportation Specialist-CCCW (T_Z) I schedule area volunteer drivers to pick up and bring managed care riders to and from their appointments, whether is is for medical social, business or nutrition.
224 Ruth Alf Transportation Specialist-MILC Counties I am a transportation Specialist (MILC) and a Transportation Support person.  I help coordinate rides for our clients and help process driver’s logs.



206 Amanda Miller Independent Living Coordinator My primary responsibility is to guide, monitor, and manage the day to day operations of the Independent Living Specialist.  I also support the assistant director in monitoring, expanding, and improving our current services here at CILWW.
245 Angela Brenna Independent Living Specialist/Youth/Benefits As an IL Specialist, there is a wide variety of services I have provided to empower individuals with disabilities to live independently. These things include: find or apply for housing, learn budgeting skills, advocate with social security, and much more. In the past, I have also facilitated our peer support program. This program offers consumers the opportunity to meet with individuals who have shared a similar life experience and are willing to volunteer their time to provide one on one support. I also help individuals who are receiving benefits, understand how their earned income will affect their eligibility for those benefits.
217 Ashley Lien Independent Living Specialist/Youth As an Independent Living Specialist, I work with consumers of all ages and disabilities. I primarily focus on youth and help manage the youth services that CILWW provides such as our Money Smarts financial literacy program as well as the Self-Advocacy Program. I am always working on outreach to schools and other agencies to help inform others about our services.
212 Ben Luer Independent Living Specialist/Youth My Name is Ben Luer I work out of the Menomonie office. I have a variety of responsibilities at CILWW. I help out with youth transition and youth advocacy classes. I do several outreach presentations and displays in our ten county area. I assist with amplified phones and helping people that are hard of hearing find the right assistive technology. I also help people that are low vision find assistive technology that will best suit their needs. I have just started to work with the ex-offender population transitioning back into society. I complete vehicle assessments and assistive technology assessment that are a fee for service through IRIS and or manage care. I’m also involved with many committees and groups that help the community.
401 Chris Richardson  Independent Living Specialist  My role is primarily working with individuals and families who are living with a mental health or addiction disability.  I am responsible for coordinating our agency Certified Peer Specialist services.  Additionally, I provide individual advocacy support and participate in systems advocacy activities to reduce stigma and promote services that meet the needs of individuals with mental health and addiction
215 David Koch ndependent Living Specialist/HOH An Independent Living specialist specializing in hearing loss assistive technology as an assistive technology specialist. Additionally serves on the Fishing Has No Boundaries inc board, National Council Independent Living  Veterans sub-committee and several other state and local committees. As well maintains the Chippewa Valley FHNB chapter equipment in addition to volunteer recruitment and coordination for the event.
202 Deb Cady Independent Living Specialist/I&R I am an IL specialist whose main focus is information and referral calls.  Individuals call CILWW, and I determine whether the caller needs to be referred or just needs to be provided community resources. I will provide the caller with the necessary resources that they are calling about, or refer them so that they can receive our services
404 Denise Westin Independent Living Specialist/Benefits I provide assistance in assessing and developing the skills individuals need in order to live independently. Skill areas may include communication, financial management, household management, accessing community services, problem-solving and identifying, and using adaptive and/or non-adaptive equipment. I meet with individuals to discuss their current benefits situation and write a report explaining how employment may affect these benefits, and explain the options that the person may choose to utilize once they begin their job.  This is a fee for service.   I help individuals apply for WisLoan, the alternative loan program that assists persons with disabilities to purchase assistive technology, adaptive equipment, or make accessible modifications to their homes.
304 Edla Karr Independent Living Specialist/Benefits I provide benefits reports to people in Eau Claire, Chippewa and Clark Counties.  I also work with phones/TEPP and various other assistive devices as needed.
222 Jenesis Lindbo Independent Living Specialist I am an Independent Living Specialist based out of the Menomonie Office. I do a lot of work regarding assistive technology (as I am on the Assistive Technology Advisory Council).
307 Joelene Smith Independent Living Specialist As an Independent Living Specialist, I serve mainly as an advocate for people with a disability that need to locate resources or resource providers particularly from the Eau Claire office but I can provide advocacy services throughout the service area.  Thus far I have mostly been involved people needing grief support or assistance with housing advocacy
305 Kari Ann Nelson Independent Living Specialist I thoroughly enjoy working with people with disabilities!  I especially love working with individuals who have hearing loss or vision loss.  I also love working with people to find adaptive telecommunication equipment they can use successfully.  My other interests include Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Down’s syndrome, and Auditory Processing Disorder. I also facilitate a monthly Advocacy Group in Eau Claire.
401 Philip Featherly CCS Staff I am employed with CILWW as a Certified Peer Specialist. My role is to provide Peer Support services for individuals in recovery from addiction and/or symptoms of mental illness.  As a person with a lived experience I provide supports that help the individual learn more about their illness and how to manage the symptoms. A key part of the service is to empowerment the individual by advocating for and with them to get their needs met.
403 Todd Duke Independent Living Specialist/Access Help empowering persons with disabilities be more independent in all areas of their lives. Educating and training individuals with or without disabilities. Helping remove barriers  and promote safety for equal access in both  residential and public settings.
210 Carol Laschinger PAS Employee Specialist As the Employee Specialist, I am responsible for auditing and processing all applications for personal care, respite and supportive home care workers for our PAS(Personal  Assistant Services) program. I work closely with our Staff RN to assure that the workers are doing their best job for our consumers.
208 Amanda Lyke PAS RN I assess consumers for their needs related to personal cares and provide documentation on the same.   I also observe their personal care workers providing cares for them.
221 Jennifer Preusse PAS Support I work as PAS Support.  I am responsible for data entry for our billing process for the PAS Program.  I help the Employee Specialist and RN in making sure our files are up to date.
208 Samantha Lotts PAS Support I work in the PAS Program. My job duties include auditing and creating Daily Records of Care. I also work in partnership with our in house nurse. I maintain and audit consumer files.
208 Jamie McRoberts PAS RN
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