Independent Living Centers provide the four core services below:

  • Advocacy - Individual advocacy is to provide support and assist consumers in learning skills for self-advocacy. CILWW also advocates at community, state, and federal levels for system change resulting in new legislation, expanded benefits and services, as well as improved community service areas. CILWW provides support and training for consumers to become involved in systems change advocacy.

  • Peer Support - One-to-one Peer Support is available from trained volunteers and staff who have personally experienced a disability and are willing to share their life experiences. Information, assistance, and support may be provided to assist a consumer dealing with issues related to their disability.

  • Independent Living Skills Training - IL Skills Training provides assistance in assessing and developing the skills individuals need in order to live independently. Skill areas may include communication, financial management, household management, accessing community services, problem solving and identifying, and using adaptive/non-adaptive equipment.

  • Information / Referral - CILWW Staff provides information on disability related subjects and resources. Referral information for community services is provided. CILWW maintains a library of books, catalogs, and periodicals relating to disabilities that are available to the public. CILWW also publishes a quarterly newsletter.
    CILWW also provides the following services

  • Accessibility - Center staff will meet and discuss ways to improve a home's accessibility. Staff will assist in identifying areas that could need improvement and offer possible solutions. Recommendations could include a ramp design, building information, or suggestions on how to remodel a bathroom for better access. CILWW will also provide information on funding options for these projects.

  • Assistive Technology - CILWW has over 2,000 pieces of assistive technology available for short-term trials. This provides an opportunity for consumers to try out equipment and determine if it meets their needs. Adaptive equipment may increase a person's independence by giving them more control within their environment, the ability to communicate better, manage household tasks, and accomplish daily living needs. CILWW staff also has knowledge of where to acquire equipment and any potential funding options that may be available.

  • ADA Technical Assistance - CILWW staff can assist your business or organization to understand and meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA.)

    The US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division has released a Version 2.0 of their ADA Technical Assistance CD ROM containing ADA Regulations, Technical Assistance Documents and ADA Status Reports. To order a copy of the CD ROM on-line, go to: ADA Technical Assistance CD ROM

  • Benefits Analysis - A Benefits Specialist will meet with an individual to discuss their current benefit situation and explain how employment may affect these benefits. The Specialist will explain the options that the person may choose to utilize once they begin their job.

  • Braille Services - Braille documents can be printed for consumers or agencies. An electronic format (floppy disk, e-mail, etc. ) copy of the document is required. There is a minimal charge to agencies.

  • Community Education - CILWW personnel can provide information and training on disabilities and disability related issues. This includes presentations on disability awareness, Center services, assistive technology, legislation, and independent living issues.

  • Communication - We provide information, resources, and access to assistive technology, explain available options, and demonstrate equipment. Assistance with TEPP, TAP, and other funding program applications is also available.

  • Computer Training - CILWW provides short-term training in the use of adaptive computer software and hardware. Includes software or hardware installation and training in the use of the program or equipment.

  • Fishing Has No Boundaries - CILWW is the coordinator of the Chippewa Valley Chapter of Fishing Has No Boundaries. FHNB is dedicated to promoting fishing experiences for persons with disabilities. This annual two-day event introduces adaptive fishing equipment and demonstrates many ways all individuals can enjoy fishing. It empowers individuals with disabilities to pursue a hobby that may not have otherwise been accessible. For information on the event, please email us.

  • Independent Living Skills Assessment - This in-home assessment identifies a person's independent living skill strengths and areas needing improvement. A participant may perform hands on tasks, use adaptive equipment, and demonstrate abilities in community living circumstances. A written report is provided.

  • Library & Books by Mail - CILWW maintains an extensive library with materials related to disabilities, legislation / rights, resources, and support. These materials are available to borrow. Library Listing. Books by Mail is a free service for individuals who need assistance in order to leave their residence (home, health-care facility or other institution) on a temporary or permanent basis. Book selections are mailed directly to readers' homes with the return postage included. Recent catalogs are available online.

  • Personal Assistant Services (PAS) Program - CILWW's Personal Assistant Services (PAS) program provides in-home personal assistance to adults and children with disabilities. Help can range from simple personal needs, supportive home care, respite to complex personal care. Medicaid Forward Health (formally known as Medical Assistance MA) pays for these services. CILWW also contracts with Social Services agencies, Include I Respect Services (IRIS), and accepts private pay rates for those who do not have insurance.

  • Nursing Facility Transition Program - We offer resources and support to help individuals who want to transition out of Nursing Homes.

  • PASS(Plan for Achieving Self Support) Development - A Benefits Specialist can assist in the development of an individualized PASS plan. The specialist will discuss with the consumer their PASS plan options and assist in the writing and submitting of the plan.

  • New Freedom Transportation Program - New Freedom is a volunteer driver program offering transportation options to people with disabilities or frail elderly. Transportation Programs